What People Are Saying

"Love this stuff. It does everything it says it will do. Curbs hunger, no more brain fog, more energy, better sleep, better mood and that's after only 3 days of using it. I'll be using MCT Oil the rest of my life. Thank you for such an amazing product!" -Rose Ruiz
"Fantastic product! Gives me lots of energy and mental clarity. Great company and customer service! 5+ stars!" -Ralph C (Amazon customer)
"Wow... just wow! This c8 is completely awesome!" -Taylor D. (Amazon customer)
"Just what my nutritionist recommended" -GA (Amazon customer)
"Amazing Product. I have bought this exact product twice already. It is a must have for your daily nutrition. You can blend it into your beverages, as a salad dressing, added on top of your foods or even taken as a straight shot. It does exactly what it claims... less hunger thru-out the day & improved cognitive function." -Derek
"Worth taking every day. Great product...my memory seems better than ever." -Reviewer (Amazon customer)
"Most potent MCT oil. If your looking for the most potent and purest MCT oil, here it is." -Ben
"I chose this MCT oil initially because I had read a great deal of the reviews and noticed how well the company answered all the questions. They were always polite and helpful and did not denigrate any other company that produces a similar product. Also, I always look at the negative reviews of products just to see what the complaints are all about. So often when a product is generally pretty highly rated, the 1- and 2-star reviews are, well, just ignorance. I have had no side effects from KetoMCT oil but then again, I have been using coconut oil for quite some time. I find that it pretty much WORKS and that is great." -Cat (Amazon customer)
"Excellent customer service. Great product,love it." -Jon (Amazon customer)
"Love this brand. Really got me into ketosis when I had tried everything else." -Lisa W. (Amazon customer)